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ZIMBABWE: Group Advises For The Investment In Agriculture To Curb Hunger



ZIMBABWE: Group Advises For The Investment In Agriculture To Curb Hunger

In the face of dire straits of hunger in Zimbabwe; the country ranking 109th of 117 countries on the global hunger index and according to the World Food Programme (WFP), 27% of children are malnourished and as a result, have stunted growth, while 63% are under the poverty datum line.

The WFP also projects that by 2020 about 5.5 million Zimbabweans will be food insecure.

In the sight of these data, the parliamentary watchdog veritas has advised the government to equip rural women with land and other incentives to aid and empower them, as this group make up the vast majority of small scale farmers in the country and feed about 67% it the country’s population.

Parliamentary watchdog veritas expressed this in commemorating the 2019 World Food Day which was themed ‘Healthy Diets for a #zerohungerworld’.

The parliamentary watchdog veritas further stated that said the theme was appropriate for the country as the country is dealing with unfavorable weather patterns and economic crisis resulting in increased hunger.

The group further reminded the Zimbabwean government that investment in Agric is crucial and the country needs to have a rethink on her current agricultural practices and reinvent given the current weather conditions.

The parliamentary watchdog veritas stated that;

“It is time to steer the narrative from being a begging basket back to being a breadbasket.”

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