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SUDAN: Country Receives $3billion Funds From UAE And Saudi Arabia



UAE and Saudi Arabia Boosts Sudan's Economy With $3billion

Oil Rich countries; Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have jointly donated $3billion to Sudan after the military overthrown the incumbent president.

The economic boost from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates was given to help the country seamlessly transition from the 30-year-rule of Omar al-Bashir.

According to reports, the oil countries pledge to inject $500million into the Sudanese Central Bank while $2.5 billion will be geared towards the provision of food, medicine and petroleum products for the citizens.

Reasons For The Aid

News reports posited that the deposit in the central bank is aimed at increasing the value of the Sudanese pound, as the nation has experienced a downward slide to its economy due to lack of dollars; these were the focal points that led to the nationwide protests and the aftermath effect of the coup against the former President.

In a combined statement made by both countries, the aid was;

“rendered in an effort to ease the pressure on the Sudanese pound and achieve more stability in the exchange rate”.

The money and worth of the aids were however not stated to be either a gift or a loan. The Oil rich countries also made a call for “stability” and a “peaceful transition” after a prolonged silence on the political and economical instability in the country.

The Sudanese economy has been experiencing unending economic crisis which has led to shortages in cash, hike in bread price and petrol, these are some of the factors that led to the commencement of the protest last year.

The United States 20 year trade ban lifted in 2017, was predicted to bring an improvement in the economy of the African nation, but, it has unexpectedly weakened the currency. However, since the displacement of President Bashir, the Sudanese currency has gained strength, with 45 Sudanese pounds to $1 on the black market and 47 Sudanese pounds to $1 officially.

Reaction Of Sudanese To The Aid

Despite the expected unanimous gratitude from the Sudanese on the aid, the people have gone into another bout of protest against accepting the funds that are seen to have strings attached a day after the offering.

During the protest, Sudanese protesters told UAE and Saudi Arabia “To please keep their money.” The former President Omar Al-Bashir was ousted on the 11th of April 2019 via a coup d’etat on the grounds of constant protest and civil rebellion.

The Catalyst For The Removal Of Former President Omar Al-Bashir

Bashir has been the longest ruling Sudanese President with 30 years under his belt. According to reports, the triple hike in bread price spurred the civil uproar which has been sizzling underneath with rebellious groups whose reasons borders on the president’s discrimination, neglecting of the region’s needs and extortion of state funds.

The ousted president is also the first sitting head of state to face charges from the International Criminal Court (ICC) for allegedly directing a campaign of genocide, rape, and pillage against civilians in Darfur.

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