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SOUTH SUDAN: Government Calls for Environmental Audit of Oil Fields



South Sudan Government has made a clarion call for the environmental audit of all oil-producing fields in the country.

It would be recalled that the oil sector in South Sudan is governed by the Petroleum Act (2012), an act made a year after independence. The petroleum act is made to checkmate the impact made on the environment by the oil sector after several years of negligence before independence which has led to environmental pollution.

South Sudan is currently tackling problems of striking a balance between the protection of the environment and its developmental needs.

The oil sector has been reported to have caused in the past land loss, soil and water contamination, deforestation and health complications surrounding oil-producing areas in the country.

Environmental pollution has been an issue since there are no strict environmental guidelines to manage the exploration and exploitation of oil in the oil-producing areas of South Sudan.

President Salva Kiir said his administration would be taking strict measures on oil-producing parts of the country and would make sure environmental pollution is reduced.

President Salva also made public the country’s intent to assume the economic powerhouse and to become the breadbasket of East Africa.

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