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SOUTH AFRICA: We Are Open For Business And To Other Africans



SOUTH AFRICA: We Are Open For Business And To Other Africans

South African Cabinet Spokesperson Ms Phumla Williams, has said South Africa is open for business and would increase its efforts to skyrocket trade with African countries.

She said this in an interview, disclosing that the recent attacks on foreign nationals in the country have been a great concern for the government while describing South Africa as a multicultural society that promotes interaction among people of different backgrounds.

According to Ms Williams, criminal actions by a handful of perpetrators are in no way a reflection of the true state of relations between foreign nationals living and working within South African communities.

She confirmed that law enforcement agencies have increased it’s visibility, while the South African Police Service will continue to act against any acts of lawlessness, and anti-crime operations have been implemented to create the space for South Africans and foreign nationals to go about their daily lives unhindered. According to her;

“We are determined that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, and all who reside here must be free to participate in social and economic activities.”

Ms Williams stressed the importance of advancing Africa by cooperating with other Africans on the continent to encourage greater social cohesion, trade and investment, nation-building and African unity.

She further described South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria as neighbouring countries supporting the value chain with components, technology and services.

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