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SOUTH AFRICA: Power Outage Shakes Investors’ Confidence



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South Africa has been without electricity supply in some parts of the country for almost 2 weeks.

According to an official statement by the Electric Supply Commission (ESCOM), also Known as Eskom, “load shedding, or load reduction, is done countrywide as a controlled option to respond to unplanned events to protect the electric power system from a total blackout.”

The establishment further said that the systemic power outage has been attributed to the public utility’s effort to improve the plant’s performance and replenish diesel and water reserves.
Though Eskom, in a statement, already said load shedding is not foreseen for the week since there has been an improvement, Johannesburg City Power announced on Monday that some parts of Johannesburg south will not have electricity supply.

South Africans, have found alternatives to the power outage as several citizens have acquired rechargeable lamps or solar power while the malls now rely on industrial generators pending the time the national power supply becomes stabilized.

The 96 year old government establishment has regressed to load shedding since 2014. This can be attributed to its inability to keep up with the needs of the growing population.

The outage has shaken investor confidence and reverted the country’s step from its goal as a middle-income country.

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