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NIGERIA: Reps Fault NNPC on Oil Theft



The House of Representatives Ad hoc Committee has faulted the Nigeria Petroleum Service Chiefs, in the constant oil theft and vandalism in the Niger Delta.

A Member House of Representatives said that the Service Chiefs of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and International Oil Companies (IOC) are not ardent enough to end oil stealing and vandalism. He said that the Service Chiefs of NNPC and IOC cannot boldly tell the House that they are not connected with the illegal oil business.

The Committee had also questioned the Inspector General of Police, Chief of Naval Staff, the Group Managing Director of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and other custodians and caretakers in the petroleum industry over persisting and awful stealing of crude oil in the Niger Delta.

The Chairman of the Ad hoc Committee in the House of Representative on crude oil theft, Hon. Peter Akpatason, said that that the committee will formally invite Service Chiefs in the Petroleum Industry and other custodians in the sector, to give details on the rampant stealing of oil by an unknown business group in the Country. The Chairman lamented the high rate of oil theft recently.

The Committee confidently asserted the theft of crude oil but no proof, the committee said that the theft and illegal operation are done with the help and support from some officers of the Nigerian Military and ex-servicemen

The Committee stated that Nigeria was losing about NGN5 trillion yearly on oil theft and about 22 million barrels of crude oil also up to NGN1.3 trillion worth of petroleum were illegally taken from the Niger Delta in 2019 alone.

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