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NIGERIA: NNPC Records 2,146 Destroyed Oil Points



The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) disclosed that between September last year and this year December the Corporation has accounted and recorded 2,146 vandalized, spoiled and theft points of oil and gas via Nigerian pipelines.

NNPC monthly financial report stated that the vandalism of pipeline and theft of crude oil product is a major challenge and setback affecting crude oil production in Nigeria and lead to shut-down of some terminals.

The Corporation noted several terminals’ destruction occurred and were shut-down for different reasons.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation identified terminal like Bonga Terminals with total loss of 226 000 barrel per day(bpd), Ogu Ocha Terminals with production cut of 42,000 bpd, Erha Terminal with total loss 304,490 barrel, Bonny Terminal with cumulative loss of 20bpd, Qua Iboe Terminal with cumulative loss of 235,000 barrels within the period, and Anemam Terminal with the total loss of 221,000 barrels.

Furthermore, the terminals are closed for different motive, Bonga Terminal was shut-down due to Framo pump issues, Ogu Ocha was shut-down due to occupation of NNPC flow station by host communities, Erha Terminal was shut-down due to maintenance activity and flare management, Bonny Terminal was shut down (TNP) was shut-down due to leaks, Qua Iboe production was shut-down due to equipment failure, and Anemam was full field shut-down due to replacement of corroded actuator.

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