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NIGERIA: NCS Retrieves 1,000 Litres of Petrol Daily From Smugglers



NIGERIA: NCS Collects 1,000 Litres of Petrol Daily From Smugglers

The Nigerian Customs Service stated that over 60,000 litres of petrol have been retrieved from smugglers sixty days into actualizing the new directive instruction to suspend all petrol to filling stations situated 20 kilometres to the Nigerian borders.

This directive instruction is approved by the Comptroller- General of Customs, Mr. Hameed Alli with the claim that the suspension action follows the closure of Nigeria Land borders to neighboring countries and to curb the smuggling of petroleum.

The Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Customs Service, NCS Ogun 1 Command, Mr. Abdullahi Maiwada who verified the rate of petrol seized daily from smugglers said that petrol was seized in the command through joint organization efforts of security agencies.

Mr. Maiwada stated that the anti-smuggling programme of the service in the command is efficient and that at least about 1,000 litres of petrol were collected from oil smugglers every day.

Mr. Maiwada said that the Nigerian Customs Service is functioning as ordered by the NCS Headquarters stating that the numbers of vehicles that are used to transport petrol are rising day by day and this has increased the number of vehicles that take illegal routes for such illegal act.

The Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian customs service NCS Ogun 1 Command also said that the Nigerian customs service is trying their best possible to hold smuggling to its barest minimum and they are achieving it.

However, he further said that the action to curb petroleum products smuggling will be always on by the NSC and that the seizure daily is always in Nigerian custom service auction as contained in the law.

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