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NIGERIA: NCC Reports Increase in Internet Users



NIGERIA: NCC Reports Increase in Internet Users

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), on Wednesday, 25th of July, 2019 said internet users on Nigeria telecommunications networks have increased to 123,486,615 as of May 2019.

The data published on the website showed that internet users rose from 119,877,297 in April to 123,486,615 in May 2019, indicating an increase of 3,609,318 users.

The data further showed that GSM operators increased their internet users by 3,118,014, rising from 119,506,403 subscribers in April to 122,624,417 in the month of May 2019.

Meanwhile, an Information and Communications (ICT) expert, Mrs Mary Uduma, in an interview in Lagos on Wednesday said Nigeria was prepared for digital transformation in terms of infrastructure. Mrs Uduma also said that the broadband infrastructure currently being developed would aid the digital transformation.

She pointed out that with the available infrastructure and youths’ innovative skills booming in Nigeria, the digital transformation is becoming gradual and steady. She added that the country was developing, even though there are still challenges. She stated that;

“Very soon we will have a smart city, smart energy and the issue of power failure will be a thing of the past. Experts are springing up day in day out. The young ones are developing already. Our youths that are innovating need the platform to be able to sell their innovation. This will hasten the process of digitalisation”

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