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NIGERIA: HipTV Charges Heritage Bank To Court



HipTV Founder Ayo Animashaun takes Heritage Bank to court

Smooth promotions and HipTV founder, Mr Ayo Animashaun, has responded to the rumour that the court has ruled in favour of Heritage Bank to own HipTV.

According to Mr Animashaun, Heritage bank has gone against its aim and name by defrauding his company. In a statement on his Instagram page, he explained that the fact remains that;

“@officialhiptv has not been taken over by any bank. We are open for business and running our operations as usual. Also, we are in court with Heritage Bank and we are confident that we will find justice based on the merits of our case”.

The HipTv founder disclosed that Heritage Bank has failed to show professional ethics. In the statement he made on his Instagram page, Mr Animashaun said;

” A financial Audit revealed that there is almost N200million worth of charges that have been from our account by the bank. This same bank also debited insurance premiums from our accounts without remitting the funds to the insurance company, resulting in massive losses worth over N500million, when we experienced a fire incident that should have been covered.”

According to reports on the filed petition against the bank, Smooth Promotions also petitioned the court to reverse over N185 million in interest rates over and above the agreed interest rate and other illegal entries inputted into its account as at February 2017, meanwhile as revealed by an independent audit of the company’s accounts, the inputted illegal entries stretches back to 2013.

The company also stated in the court papers that it lost in excess of N533,927,562 owing to the failure and refusal of Heritage Bank Plc to pay for the insurance of its property against risk like fire, and or provide information to Smooth Promotions as to the insurance on its property after a fire incident which happened on November 6, 2017, despite debiting Smooth Promotions for the insurance premium.

Heritage Bank is said to receive a lawsuit charged against it by the Hi TV founder on the grounds of fraudulently debiting the company for insurance fees without remitting the amount to the assigned owners, and charges of its interest rates did not tally with the standing agreement.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Mr Animashaun by his lawyer, Kemi Pinheiro LP at a Lagos federal high court.

According to the HipTV founder, since efforts to settle out of court has proved abortive for 2 years, the matter has to be taken to the court for justice to prevail.

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