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NIGERIA: Farmers Urged to Take Advantage of Loan Scheme



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The Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN) Nasarawa State Chairman, Alhaji Abbas Ramallan, has encouraged rice farmers to take advantage of the loan support for farm input provided to them by the Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Alhaji Ramallan said that the Anchor Borrowers Programme has commenced in the state since 2018 and about 20,000 farmers had benefited from the programme. He added that the loan was given in form of farm input by Anchor Borrowers Programme and was disbursed to the farmers with non-payment of the loan facility.

The Chairman said that this particular loan for farm input given to farmers in the state was on loan terms and not for free.

The Chairman of Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria, Nasarawa State said that the loan to be paid back was converted to bags of rice before it is milled which was based on the number of acres or hectares of land cultivated.

Alhaji Ramallan advised his fellow farmers that the loan is given for free, it has to be repaid. He told them that they should utilize the opportunity is such a way that it will be productive and useful for the coming future. 

He added that any loan given must be paid because all the farmers signed indemnity with Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria as well as other documentation required for the loan so it must be paid to the last kobo. He said,

“I will make sure they pay”

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