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NIGERIA: Farmers Encouraged to Exploit Dry Season for Adequate and Quality Farm Output



As climatic atmospheric conditions change from time to time in Nigeria, farmers have been urged to make use of this dry season to increase the quantity and quality of their produce.

This was said during a program at Ilorin, Kwara State. Speaking at the lecture the Executive Director of Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute (NSPRI) in the state. Dr. Patricia Pessu stated that solar operated dryers would help farmers to produce more quality farm output.

Dr. Pessu said, one of the major challenges we have in Nigeria in post-harvesting is drying of crops, and that if the produce is not properly dried before it is stored maggot will damage them. She said,

“We have driers that have been innovated by (NSPRI) which can be used to dry crops, so they can now be stored for as long as they want”

The executive director also urged the Federal Government to work together with the private sector to ensure sufficient finance for the research work that will develop Agric production. Saying that;

“Nigerian government is fine-tuning the Agric research but the government cannot do it all alone because funding from the government may not be enough.”

Dr. Pessu also called on the private agricultural sector to join hands with the government to achieve maximum production during this dry season.

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