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NIGERIA: Exporters Reject Nigerian Cashew Nuts



The International Exporter and buyers of cashew nuts have rejected Nigerian cashew nuts, supposedly following the practices by the cashew middlemen and uncontrolled Apapa ports traffic congestion.

It was stated that about 68,000 metric tonnes (MT) of Cashew nuts are abandoned, presently damaged and decayed at the Apapa ports Lagos, a sequel to being rejected by buyers and another 37,000 metric tonnes of Cashew nuts are also ignored by the Vietnamese Government due to low quality of the produce.

However, it was also stated that the activity of different middlemen to convey produce from the farm to the international market where it will be sold and also the Apapa traffic has seriously led to spoilage and reduced quality of Cashew nuts before getting to the country of destination.

The Cashew Farmers Association and Processors of Nigeria, National Publicity Secretary Mr. Yinusa Gabriel disclosed that Nigeria has failed to attain the demand of best buyers in Europe, Canada, and America. He added that Wal- Mart America is the world’s biggest retail chain who had shown interest in purchasing about 160,000 metric tonnes of Cashew nuts in which Nigeria did not meet the requirements.

He said that due to middlemen sharp practices, international buyers are rejecting Nigerian Cashew nut, farmers also adulterate cashew nut product and by so doing it led to lower quality of the cashew nut.

The National Publicity Secretary of Cashew Farmers Association and Processors of Nigeria has uncovered that the Association has concluded to completely root out middlemen so that the association can directly negotiate with the exporters and buyers.

He further said that the association has found an off-taker who is establishing a processing factory and has the capability to process about 20,000 tonnes of cashew nuts in the country, stating that the deal is to process the cashew on their own before exporting it.

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