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NIGERIA: Dangote Refinery to Launch Fertilizer Plant



NIGERIA: Dangote Refinery to Launch Fertilizer Plant

The Dangote Refinery has established its intended action to begin its fertilizer plant worth $2.5 billion, to boost agriculture and conserving foreign exchange. About $1.0 billion yearly shall be generated through import substitution and export revenues, in the first quarter of 2020.

Recently, Dangote Industries Limited is constructing the gigantic fertilizer plant in West Africa, the project will produce three million metric tonnes of fertilizer per annum of urea.

The Fertilizer Project Plant would also later be elaborated to produce all types of fertilizers, including various NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) grades needed for African soils and crops, and it would also start to produce special fertilizers like ammonium sulphate, calcium ammonium nitrate and multi grades of micronutrients based on customized fertilizers to captivate the agronomic requirement of Africa.

The Federal Government makes a solemn promise to support with $12bn Dangote Refinery on raw material (input) for the industrial process.

The Company has initiated soil test on fertilizer recommendation for best and rapid crop growth, develop soil testing laboratories to expand soil testing facilities in the different geographical territory of Nigeria as well as make available single-window services to the farming sector with extended help by providing quality and standard seeds, pesticides, and farming tools.

Furthermore, the construction of other parts of the refinery was also moving forward, according to plan.
Recently, Dangote¬ís Refinery has purchased the world’s largest crude distillation equipment and tools patterned for crude oil processing.

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