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Nigeria: Country Loses $50billion Post-harvest Annually



Nigeria: Country Loses $50billion Post-harvest Annually

Nigeria has been reported to be losing $50 billion worth of farm harvests yearly.

According to former Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Professor Lateef Sanni while he was speaking during the in-house review meeting program of Nigeria Stored Products Research Institue (NSPRI), the loss is quite huge and the decrease in this amount of loss would translate to guarantee of food security and sufficiency in food production.

Nigeria as the world’s largest producer of yam, cassava and plantain experiences this gruesome post-harvest loss. With regards to this, Professor Sanni stressed the need for agricultural researchers to carry out research on the agricultural outputs and profess a way to reduce this loss.

In his additional speech, he lamented that no value addition has been made to cash crops that could turn in a multi-billion-dollar or post-harvest loss reduction.

Another speaker, Dr. Patricia Pessu, the current executive director, NSPRI, also made a clarion to reduce this post-harvest loss adding that the percentage loss recorded ranges from four to eighty percent of the total harvest.

The NSPRI director further stated that the institute has a government mandate to conduct research and train farmers on the reduction of post-harvest losses.

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