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KENYA: Ranked Top In Good Digital Life By Expats



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Kenya has gained unrestricted access to online services and cashless payments; factors that have earned the country the best in Africa in offering a good digital life for expats.

Kenya according to expatriates (expats) is in the first position when it comes to express digital experience. The East African country was announced in the latest edition of the expat insider report as released by the InterNations to rank 31st in the world.

Kenya beat countries like South Africa, which ranked a far 49th position, Morocco following with the 58th position, Uganda following closely with the 59th position and Egypt in the 69th position.

About 89 present of the expats in the country attest to being happy with the digital services offered as there are no holds barred with regards to internet access.

Cashless payment is also easy in the country with an accrued 94 per cent positive rating, as opposed to 78 percent globally.

According to the report the African nation holds the 5th position of digital services such as obtaining a local mobile phone number, preceded by Myanmar, New Zealand, Israel, and Estonia.

South Africa though, did not fare well in this category. The country fell among the bottom ten, ranking 59th among the countries worldwide that lagged behind when it comes to acquiring a local phone number easily. The survey also ranked South Africa 58th due to poor online accessibility to governmental or administrative services.

Uganda also fared as one of the worst in quick access to the internet from home, taking the 65th position of 68 countries and also took the 61st position in the cashless payment category.

Kenya is definitely catching up digitally with the number of internet users increasing in leaps; as the number of internet users increased to 51.1 million. Also, the telecommunications industry is a contributor to 62 per cent of the country’ GDP sharing the percentage with financial activities.

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