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BOTSWANA: Citizens To Transact Business License Free



BOTSWANA: Citizens To Transact Business License Free

Citizens of Botswana will be allowed to run businesses without licenses, however, such businesses being run from the confines of their homes.

The development was announced via President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s twitter handle.

President Masisi expressed his hopes that the move will make it easier for Botswanians to venture into domestic entrepreneurship as a way of curbing unemployment in the country.

President Masisi tweeted that;

“I want to share with you that among the bills passed by the 11th Parliament is a bill that allows you to run your small business from home without requiring a license. Soon I will sign this bill into law,”

According to the latest World Bank annual ratings, Botswana is ranked 86th among 190 economies in the ease of doing business and ranks sixth in Africa.

Although the southern African country’s unemployment rate stood at 18.10 per cent in 2017, President Masisi’s administration has expressed its desire to reduce the unemployment figure.

According to President Masisi, It is his administration’s serious intent to reduce excessive and unnecessary regulation of the economy to allow citizens to prosper, as this is part of his administration’s way of improving the ease of doing business for Botswana.

President Masisi further urged the citizenry saying;

“Please take advantage of these efforts to do your part in self-improvement for your communities & our country. Have a productive week,”

In two months, the country will hold a general election in which President Maisisi will be seeking a second term in office.

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