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Boeing Takes Responsibility For Crashed Aircrafts, Promise To Eliminate Risks



BOEING: Airline To Compensate Affected Families Of Ethiopia Airline Crash With $144,000 Each

The Chairman and CEO of Boeing, Mr Dennis Muilenburg says Boeing takes responsibility for the lost of lives of the crashes of the recent Boeing MAX 737 jets that killed 157 passengers onboard the Ethiopian Airline as well as the Indonesian Airline; Lion Air, which had 189 passengers killed.

In a statement the chairman posted on the company’s Twitter account Thursday, Muilenburg said “We at Boeing are sorry for the lives lost in the recent 737 Max accidents. These tragedies continue to weigh heavily on our hearts and minds, and we extend our sympathies to the loved ones of the passengers and crew on board Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302,”.

Admitting that on Thursday that a failure of its software was one of the causes in the recent deadly 737 Max jet crash. Boeing Chairman said “But with the release of the preliminary report of the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 accident investigation it’s apparent that in both flights the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, known as MCAS, activated in response to the erroneous angle of attack information,”

Mr Muilenburg said a new software update would prevent future incidents. He stated that “It’s our responsibility to eliminate this risk, we own it, and we know how to do it.”

Though the pilots followed procedures, the report said false sensor readings activated the jet’s automatic system against stalling, known as the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS. The jet nose-dived minutes after takeoff, similarly to when Lion Air Flight 610, another 737 Max, crashed last October and killed all 189 people on board.

On Thursday, Muilenburg said a software update would be ready to implement within weeks.

“This update, along with the associated training and additional educational materials that pilots want in the wake of these accidents, will eliminate the possibility of unintended MCAS activation and prevent an MCAS-related accident from ever happening again,”

He further went shared his condolences as well as that of the staff at Boeing when he said: “All of us feel the immense gravity of these events across our company and recognize the devastation of the families and friends of the loved ones who perished.”

He emphasized that Boeing remained confident in the safety of its jet, according to him, “When the Max returns to the skies with the software changes to the MCAS function, it will be among the safest aeroplanes ever to fly,”.

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