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ANGOLA: UAE To Invest $200million In Technology Centres To Support Agrarian Economy



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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has in the works plans to invest USD $ 200 million in eighteen (18) agricultural technology centres across Angola.

According to plans, the investment will be executed in a term of five (5) to seven (7) years with the sole aim of training the staff of the Agriculture and Forestry sector as well as peasants in various farming techniques such as production, processing and commercialization of agricultural produce.

As the result of a memorandum of understanding signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Institute of Agrarian Development (IDA) and the Sheikh Ahmed Office Dalmjook Al Maktoum of the UAE , the project will be implemented in eighteen (18) provinces of the nation.

The first phase of the funding will be implemented in four provinces which are Bie, Huambo, Luanda and Bengo and later will advance to the other provinces.

At implementation, the funding will give all technological centres access to laboratories which will help to analyze soils of the different provinces in order to assess the need for nutrients as there will be a fertilizer mix processing infrastructure in place to satisfy each region.

David Tunga, the Director stated that after the agreement each province will have a major centre as well as the creation of small centres at the level of some municipalities.

He further pointed out that at the first phase of the implementation of the project, which will be in about five (5) or seven  (7) years, the management of the project will be under the responsibility of the investors.

According to him, the management of these centres will be under the tutelage of the UAE, in order to recover the investment made, however, indigenous technicians and peasants will be trained at the same time. Thereafter, the project will be delivered to the Government of Angola for autonomous management.

Sheikh Ahmed Dalmjook Al Maktoum also stated that the UAE intends to move quickly to fulfil its part of the projects so as to increase the production and support of Angola’s agricultural sector.

He further stated that “We welcome the Angolan Government and look forward to other international investment opportunities, as there is greater credibility in the Angolan market,”.

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